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Bookmarking your Favorite Spots and use them for Routing

A common use case is for routing apps is to save your favorite spots, like biker cafes, viewpoints, roadside stops, etc. to have them handy if you want to include them in your route. The Kurviger app, free and pro, allows you to store these points as bookmarks to have them handy wherever you go.

Creating a Bookmark

The easiest way to create a bookmark is by long pressing on the map where you want to create a bookmark, select More, select Bookmark, and enter a matching name.

Using a Bookmark in a Route

Including a bookmark in a route is very easy, just long press on the bookmark and an option will pop-up, just press on the right option for you, like Set end to route to the bookmark.

Managing a Bookmark (Edit, Delete, Show on Map ...)

If you go to the Menu, select Bookmarks, and press on Manage. This will open a window where you can edit and delete your bookmarks. There is also an option to show or hide bookmarks on the map.

Share your Bookmarks with other Motorcycle Enthusiasts

If you know a good place for a bookmark that could be interesting for other motorcyclists as well, please have a look here on how to let us know.

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