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I can't hear any voice output / turn instructions

Here are some tips, if you can't hear any voice output from the Kurviger app.

First make sure that you don't have any Bluetooth device connected to your phone. Kurviger supports Bluetooth output, if there are only issues with Bluetooth output, have a look here. Make sure that you enabled the voice output in Settings | Voice output. Also make sure that your smartphone's volume is turned up.

Now, plan a route and press the navigate button. The navigation should start. If you are on the route, the navigation panel on top that should show the current road name. If you press on that panel, the last turn instruction will be repeated.

If you still don't hear a voice output, please make sure that you have a TTS engine installed. Once TTS is intalled, you should hear a voice output. If the language seems wrong, please make sure that you install the appropriate language packages in the TTS engine.

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