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-====== Is it possible to transfer a route to a satnav, like Garmin Zumo or TomTom Rider using the Kurviger App? ====== 
-Some navis like the TomTom Rider can receive routes via Bluetooth (see the TomTom Export for more details). If your satnav uses a microSD card, it might be possible to insert the sd card into your smartphone, transfer the route onto the microSD card and put it back into the satnav. In addition, you can use USB OTG. Not every smartphone supports USB OTG, please check if yours does. You need a USB OTG adapter (should be reasonably cheap at most electronic stores). Connect the adapter to the USB port of your mobile device and to your navigation device. You should be able to see your navigation device in a file explorer on your mobile device (e.g. ES File Explorer). Copy a downloaded route file to your navigation device as you would do from your computer. We tested this with a Zumo 550 and a TT Rider 400. 
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