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Kurviger App

Enjoy the famous curvy routes of Kurviger in an app.
Kurviger app contains nearly all features that you already love from the website Kurviger Standard in a mobile friendly version. In addition, Kurviger app provides you with a “Follow Location” mode, that keeps your current location in the center of the map. This allows a basic routing along the calculated route. If you are looking for a full featured navigation solution, have a look at our Kurviger Pro subscription.
This document is a starter document that links to a lot of information regarding the Kurviger app.


Brief introduction to the app

Operating guide for the app

Additional info


FAQ: App

FAQ: Navigation

FAQ: Planning

FAQ: Map

FAQ: Google Play

FAQ: Misc

FAQ: Routing

FAQ: Web

FAQ: Kurviger Tourer

FAQ: All


The Kurviger App is available on Google Play.

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