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-====== Basics to Maps (online, offline). ====== 
-Welcome! You want to know more about Kurviger. Especially to Basics to Maps (online, offline). 
-Kurviger uses maps from different suppliers. They are based on OSM (OpenStreetMaps) data. Using online maps you need internet connection. For the App Pro there are available offline maps. These maps you can use without internet connection. 
-Here you find links to the according topics. Enjoy reading and getting to know the things related to Kurviger. 
-**NEW** Basics to Maps (online, offline) //(this topic)//\\ 
- * **NEW** Online Maps in Kurviger\\ 
- * **NEW** Offline Maps in Kurviger App Pro\\ 
- * * Offline Maps Guide\\ 
- * FAQ WEB: Print the map\\ 
- * FAQ WEB: Is it possible to change the map?\\ 
- * FAQ MAP: How to store Kurviger Offline Maps on the SD card\\ 
- * FAQ MAP: How to find fuel stations and other POIs along the route?\\ 
- * FAQ MAP: The Offline Maps Download Stops, Resets or doesn'​t Finish\\ 
- * FAQ MAP: Are you Planning to Support Offline Maps/​Routing - how can I Reduce the Data Usage\\ 
- * FAQ MAP: What map gestures are available in the Kurviger app?\\ 
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