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-====== Basics to Route, Waypoints, Turning Points, Track, Overlay, Navigation. ====== 
-Welcome! You want to know more about Kurviger. Especially to Basics to Route, Waypoints, Turning Points, Track, Overlay, Navigation. 
-Kurviger is a tool to work with routes. For this you have to know special things to manage this without problems. 
-Here you find links to the according topics. Enjoy reading and getting to know the things related to Kurviger. 
-**NEW** Basics to Route, Waypoints, Turning Points, Track, Overlay, Navigation\\ 
- * **NEW** Route in Kurviger\\ 
- * **NEW** Waypoints in Kurviger\\ 
- * **NEW** Turning Points (and Turning Instructions) in Kurviger\\ 
- * **NEW** Track in Kurviger\\ 
- * **NEW** Overlays in Kurviger\\ 
- * **NEW** Navigation (only in Kurviger App Pro)\\ 
- * Saving a Route that can be Loaded Later\\ 
- * FAQ WEB: Changing the order of waypoints?​\\ 
- * FAQ PLANING: Can the app be used without internet / SIM card? What's the expected data usage?\\ 
- * FAQ PLANING: How to Plan a Route on Your Desktop and Transfer it to the App\\ 
- * FAQ PLANING: How to precisely move/place a waypoint?\\ 
- * FAQ PLANING: How to find distances and times for waypoints or points along the route?\\ 
- * FAQ PLANING: How to delete waypoints?​\\ 
- * FAQ ROUTING: There was an issue during the route calculation or navigation, what can I do about it?\\ 
- * FAQ ROUTING: Enduro Mode\\ 
- * FAQ ROUTING: Can I modify a round trip?\\ 
- * FAQ ROUTING: Round trips create dead ends\\ 
- * FAQ ROUTING: I cannot find the house number of a house I am looking for, what can I do?\\ 
- * FAQ ROUTING: Is it possible to use Kurviger for Non-Motorcycles,​ like Cars or Bicycles?\\ 
- * FAQ ROUTING: Route across different different continents\\ 
- * FAQ ROUTING: Is there a way to force a Kurviger route on the Motorway?\\ 
- * FAQ ROUTING: Is it possible to combine different options like fastest and curvy?\\ 
- * FAQ NAVIGATION: Why is the Kurviger App stopped / killed or why is the GPS signal lost in Background\\ 
- * FAQ NAVIGATION: How and why can I navigate with manual rerouting?​\\ 
- * FAQ NAVIGATION: How to start navigation / Where is the navigate button?\\ 
- * FAQ NAVIGATION: Changing the Voice or Amplify the Volume\\ 
- * FAQ NAVIGATION: How can I setup my Bluetooth (BT) headset? How about A2DP or HFP?\\ 
- * FAQ NAVIGATION: I can't hear any voice output / turn instructions\\ 
- * FAQ NAVIGATION: I received incorrect voice prompts / turn instructions\\ 
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