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-====== Further Info. (Draft) ====== 
-FIXME **Work In Progress! For sections marked in this way, links, screenshots and/or texts are still missing or the release is missing**!\\ 
-Welcome! You are interested in Further Info. 
-Desription in the other blocks for working with Kurviger is not going deep enough or is not helping you to solve Problems. Working with Kurviger you sometimes will be surprised. It doesn't react the way you expect. Often this is not directly due to Kurviger. Often this is due to the files used in Kurviger. Perhaps you want to read or write in the forum, sometimes you want to contribute to the improvement of the documentation. Also for this there are tips. 
-You found no useful help in the pages that can be reached here or in the blocks linked via the sidebar. We regret this very much. You are welcome to ask for a solution to your problem in the Kurviger Forum. There the developers of Kurviger or participants of the forum try to find a solution. 
-Here you find links to the according topics. Enjoy reading and getting to know the things related to Kurviger. 
-FIXME **Work In Progress! Working in the Playground. Therefore all Links and/or targets of the links are still missing. You only see the headlines of the topics, which are later linked**\\ 
-  * Currently no content. 
-More info you find linked in the sidebar. 
-FIXME **Following Text perhaps only in the draft?**\\ 
-**This page and planned topics (without Link)**: 
-  * Further Info (this topic) **NEU** 
-  * Maps: Eliminating Errors in OSM, … **NEW** 
-  * GPX-Files: General, Differences, Content, Examples **NEW** 
-  * Forum: Read, Write, Register yes/no **NEW** 
-  * Forum: Describe a problem, Templates, Examples **NEU** 
-  * Forum: Guidelines to be followed **NEU** 
-  * Docu: Read, Participation, Register yes/no **NEW** 
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