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-====== Kurviger General. ====== 
-Welcome! You want to know more about Kurviger. Especially to Kurviger General. 
-Kurviger! What's that? You can find the answer to this and much more about Kurviger here. 
-Here you find links to the according topics. Enjoy reading and getting to know the things related to Kurviger. 
-**NEW** Kurviger General //(This topic)//\\ 
- * **NEW** Features of  App Free / App Pro / Web\\ 
- * **NEW** Kurviger is ...\\ 
- * **NEW** More ...\\ 
- * Kurviger Knowledgebase\\ 
- * Use Kurviger in Your Own Project\\ 
- * Submit a new POI (hotel, meeting point, museum, etc.)\\ 
- * Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)\\ 
- * FAQ BASICS: I have a question/​idea/​problem,​ how can I contact Kurviger?\\ 
- * FAQ BASICS: Can I get involved or support Kurviger?\\ 
- * FAQ BASICS: Can I use Kurviger in my own project?\\ 
- * FAQ BASICS: Basics about Kurviger\\ 
- * FAQ BASICS: Is Kurviger using Google Maps? Whats the difference?​\\ 
- * FAQ GPLAY: Is it possible to get the Kurviger App without Google Play?\\ 
- * FAQ GPLAY: Is it possible to try / test the app before buying? Is it possible to get a refund for my purchase?\\ 
- * FAQ GPLAY: What happens if I buy a new Smartphone? Can I use the app on multiple devices?\\ 
- * FAQ GPLAY: I bought the Kurviger App, but I cannot download it?\\ 
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