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-====== Import (Load), Export (Save, Share) in Kurviger. (Draft) ====== 
-FIXME **Work In Progress! For sections marked in this way, links, screenshots and/or texts are still missing or the release is missing**!\\ 
-Welcome! You want to know more about Import (Load), Export (Save, Share) in Kurviger. 
-For example, you want to save, load or exchange a route with someone. Or POIs, or … Here you will find tips to these topics. 
-Here you find links to the according topics. Enjoy reading and getting to know the things related to Kurviger. 
-FIXME **Work In Progress! Working in the Playground. Therefore all Links and/or targets of the links are still missing. You only see the headlines of the topics, which are later linked**\\ 
-  * . 
-  * Saving a Route that can be Loaded Later 
-  * Importing Passknacker Mountain Passes into the Kurviger App and Web 
-  * How to import a GPX Track into Kurviger 
-More info you find linked in the sidebar.  
-FIXME **Following Text perhaps only in the draft?**\\ 
-**This page and planned topics (without Link)**: 
-  * Import (Load), Export (Save, Share) in Kurviger (this topic)**NEW** 
-  * Import Route, Track, POIs, Bookmarks, … **NEW** 
-  * Export Route, POIs, Bookmarks, … **NEW** 
-  * Share Route, … **NEW** 
-  * Routes from friends or the Internet **NEW** 
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