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-====== Kurviger Web. ====== 
-Welcome! You want to know more about Kurviger. Especially to Kurviger Web. 
-You want to use the Kurviger web page. Here you will find tips on how to use it. 
-Here you find links to the according topics. Enjoy reading and getting to know the things related to Kurviger. 
-**NEW** Kurviger Web //(this topic)//\\ 
- * **NEW** User Interface, Quick Info\\ 
- * **NEW** More ...\\ 
- * **NEW** Online Maps in Kurviger\\ 
- * How to Plan a Route on Your Desktop and Transfer it to the App\\ 
- * Saving a Route that can be Loaded Later\\ 
- * Address Lookup (Geocoding)\\ 
- * FAQ WEB: Somehow the Website does not Behave the Way I would expect it, what can I do?\\ 
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