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Exchanging routes between Google Maps and Kurviger [WIP]

- Work in progress: Version 01b - May 2018 -

All the following steps has been realized on an Android 6 smartphone - pls try out and send any comments.

(Users of GMaps' English version: Pls give hints if translations from German to English menue texts of GMaps are wrong.)

A) Importing GMaps (Google Maps) routes to Kurviger

(IMPORTANT: Internet connection is necessary.)

  1. Create a route with GMaps.
  2. Click “share route” in the “3 dots menue” in the upper right corner of GMaps.
  3. Click (= send the URL to) “clipboard” (or send it to yourself or others by e-mail, SMS (text) or WhatsApp etc.).
  4. Open (for example) on your smartphone browser (a third party software to convert GMaps routes to GPX files).
  5. In MapsToGPX insert the “Clipboard” (or the URL stored before) and click “Let's go” - a GPX file will be created and downloaded to the smartphone, and Android should offer, instantly after finishing the download, to open the downloaded file (message appears for some seconds at the bottom of the screen), so just click the “open” button.
  6. The GPX route will be opened in Kurviger.

B) Exporting Kurviger routes to GMaps (Google Maps)

To show a Kurviger route via GPX in GMaps for several purposes (like quickly getting to the starting point of a Kurviger route) follow the steps below.

(IMPORTANT: Steps 1-13 work only in the browser version of GMaps - it seems to be no way to “Create Map” in “Your Places” by the GMaps Android app.)

  1. Export a Kurviger route as GPX.
  2. Open GMaps in a browser.
  3. Open menu (3 bars in the upper left corner).
  4. Open “Your Places”.
  5. Open “Maps”.
  6. Open “Create Map”.
  7. Open “Import”.
  8. Import (by drag&drop or by filename) the GPX file.
  9. Kurviger Route will be shown in GMaps. - Now you may:
  10. Click on the starting point of the shown Kurviger route.
  11. Click on the “Directions to here” symbol - the navigation menue opens with this starting point as destination.
  12. Enter your real starting point, for example your home address.
  13. Now GMaps shows you a fast route to the starting point of your Kurviger route. - And you may still continue:
  14. Your new “New Places Map” should now be shown in Android GMaps too, if both are linked with your account.
  15. You can long tap on the starting point of your Kurvinger route and GMaps will offer you one (or more) fast and direct routes to the starting point of your Kurvinger route (as in 13) (which indeed should be the same as shown in the browser version before, but perhaps completed with alternate routes like GMaps often does if possible).

C) A hint to store GMaps ready routes for instant or later use simply

  1. In Navigation mode open the menue (3 bars in the upper right corner).
  2. Click on “Add route to desktop”.
  3. GMaps will confirm by a short screen message.
  4. Now a link symbol button to this specific route appears on the desktop, where it is to find again quickly everytime it is needed during travelling and a simple click on the symbol opens this route in GMaps directly and starts navigation mode - what can be done easily even while riding/driving, for example after a shut down of GMaps.
  5. When finished the trip you may store all routes for later use by a symple drag&drop moving of the link button to a special subdirectory called “routes” (or different), in which you can start navigation for every route again by simply clicking the symbol as described above.
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