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 If you have an idea on how to improve Kurviger, please use the [[|Forum]], we'd love to hear your idea. If you have an idea on how to improve Kurviger, please use the [[|Forum]], we'd love to hear your idea.
 +===== Why do we ask you to use the forum and don't accept emails or phone calls? =====
 +Most issues and questions about Kurviger are not new, in fact, most questions we receive have been asked before. We built the forum and the documentation to empower users to help themselves. So if you have a question or an issue, it is worthwhile to first search these resources if this has been answered before. If the question hasn't been asked before, please ask it in the forum, this helps everyone that might face the same issue or question. Everyone that has the same question is able to immediately find a solution.
 +The same is true for feature requests. While some people might think a feature is a good idea, others might think differently. It is very important for us to openly discuss features and hear the voice of the community. We regularly add requested features and we enjoy discussing about these features to make them even better.
 +This can only succeed, if everyone takes part in the forum.
 +We hope that this helps to understand that we don't ask you to use the forum to annoy our users or because we don't care about our users. In fact, by making this discussion open, we empower our users to become part of a community of like minded people.
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