How can I cancel my Kurviger Tourer(+) Subscription

You can cancel/unsubscribe your subscription yourself on our website or app. Please make sure that you sign in with the same account that you used to sign up for the subscription, also see: I can't access my Kurviger Tourer subscription.

Please note that all Kurviger subscriptions are sold either through Paddle, Google Play, or Apple Appstore. Depending on where you signed up for the subscription, either one of these providers should be your first stop if there are any issues with your billing or if you want to cancel your subscription. We will try to support you the best we can. We, at no point in time, have access to your payment data, we neither store nor process this data. Therefore, we only have limited access to your subscription information and might not be able to perform certain actions on your subscription.

If there is an issue with cancelling your subscription with Paddle, please lookup your emails that you received from Paddle, they do contain a management url for your subscription or contact Paddle here.

If there is an issue with cancelling your subscription with Google Play, you can try to manage your subscription here or contact Google Play support.

If there is an issue cancelling your subscription with the Apple Appstore please note that Apple allows you to manage your subscription only on an iOS or MacOs device. Just open the Appstore on your device and go to your subscriptions. If there is an issue, please contact Apple support.

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