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Current and previous versions of the Kurviger app

Below you will find links to Kurviger in general and to the actual Kurviger app. Also a brief overview of the actual app and the app available for purchase until June 2021.
If you have purchased the Kurviger Pro app until June 2021, you can use it until further notice. You can find details about this below.

For general information about Kurviger and the actual Kurviger app, see the information pages on the website:

Information about changes can be found in the Changelog.

Brief overview of the apps and their availability

Kurviger as an app is only available for devices with Android operating system and Google Play.

Brief overview

Brief overview of the current and previous app.

Name and Icon in Google Play and on Android device Notes
Kurviger The actual app, in Google Play available since June 2021.
The green icon represents the actual app. It takes into account the new Android rules and is continuously developed and equipped with additional functions.
In the standard version, the basic features are free of charge.
In the premium version, all features are fully usable with the Pro subscription (monthly/annually). In the forum and the documentation, this version is also referred to as “PRO” or “Kurviger PRO”.
For details on standard and premium versions, see website
Availability (installation and subscription) see here
Kurviger Pro The previous app, which was available in Google Play in the public domain until June 2021.
The gray icon indicates the previous app. This app will be adapted to current Android versions until further notice. New features will not be added.
The app Kurviger PRO purchased until June 2021 is only available until further notice in Google Play under the account it was purchased under.
Availability of the app for previous buyers in Google Play see below.
The free version was available in Google Play under the name “Kurviger” until June 2021. It has since been updated to the standard version described above during updates.

Display of the version is possible by means of menu button.
The actual app shows 2.x.x. This version is also called Kurviger 2 (or 2.x) in the documentation and in the forum.
The previous app shows 1.x.x. This version is also called Kurviger PRO 1 (or 1.x) in the docs and in the forum.
Here x.x is a placeholder for the identification of the respective development status.

Availability of the previous app

If the previous app is on your Android device, you can update it to its current development level using the tools on Google Play.

Users of the previous app Kurviger PRO (version 1.x) can use it until further notice.
Below you will find details if you want to update the app or can't find it in Google Play.

An upgrade of the previous app Kurviger PRO (version 1.x) to the current version Kurviger (version 2.x) with the subscription features is not possible. For more info see below.

My PRO app (1.x) is missing on my Android device. How can I install it?

You have uninstalled your PRO app (1.x) on your Android device or you have a new Android device. You want to use the PRO app (1.x) on the device, but you can't find it in the Play Store.

Kurviger PRO (1.x) is still available in the Play Store. But only under the account under which it was originally purchased. Under this account you select:

  • Manage apps and device > Manage >
  • Then instead of Installed please select Not installed.
  • Then Kurviger PRO should be selectable, select and install

This is also possible on multiple Android devices. If you have the Kurviger app (2.x) installed on the device, both apps can be used separately.

Google Play Help - Reinstall & re-enable apps

How to get from the PRO app (version 1.x) to the PRO features (version 2.x)?

There is no direct path from the PRO app (1.x). To get to the PRO features of the current app (version 2.x), you have to install it. Details about this and how to get to the PRO features (version 2.x) you find here.

Additional info: You can transfer your routes, bookmarks, recorded tracks, maps and settings from Kurviger PRO (1.x) to the Kurviger 2 app.

The app Kurviger Pro (1.x) remains installed and can be used until you uninstall it.

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