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Offline Maps Guide

Offline maps are available in the Kurviger App. Offline maps allow you to view the map during the navigation without internet connection. The route calculation requires you to have an internet connection, but the navigation itself does not require an internet connection, when using offline maps.

Using Offline Maps

To start using offline maps, plan a route, then click on the 3-dot button → Start NavigationDownload Offline-Maps. The Kurviger App will automatically download the maps that you will need for navigating along this route.

The offline maps are stored internally in the app, so you don't need to manually update or delete them. The app will do this automatically for you. Since the maps are stored inside the app, you cant find them as files on your smartphone.

Offline Maps on the SD Card

Since the maps are handled inside of the app, you can't just move the maps to the sd card. You would have to move the whole app to the SD card. We don't recommend doing that unless you are having serious storage limitations, as apps on the SD card can behave slower and are error prone.

Downloading whole Areas

We are planning on adding a feature to download a whole area, so that you can download maps for your typical riding area automatically. This is a feature we are still having on our todo list and plan on adding in the near future.

Previous Version

The old Kurviger App had a different offline maps mechanism, if you are still using the old app, you can find the documentation about this here.


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