Offline Maps Guide

Offline maps are available in the Kurviger App. Offline maps allow you to view the map during the navigation without internet connection.

  • The route calculation requires you to have an internet connection, but the navigation itself does not require an internet connection, when using offline maps.
  • Offline maps are only available with an active Kurviger Tourer+ membership.
  • Offline maps are currently only for the navigation, not for the route planning.

Map regions are great if you want to download maps for areas where you typically ride or for your next vacation.

  1. Click on the menu icon () in the top left (3 bars / burger icon) and click on offline maps.
  2. You will see the map and rectangular regions on the map. You can click on a rectangle to select it.
  3. When you press Apply the region will be downloaded.

You can select multiple regions. If you want to select several regions you can use the + and - buttons to select them easily.

Tip   You can use the button right of the - to select all regions on your current route.

In rare cases there can be issues when downloading a map region. If there was an issue with the download the map region will stay gray with the spinner icon (please allow up to 1 minute after the download finishes for the region to turn green). You can click on the region to select it for deletion, click Apply and then download it again.

Please note   We highly recommend to not download huge areas. This can result in long download times, unnecessary usage of storage on your device, will make updating the maps way more complicated, and in the worst case can lead to performance issues. Just download the areas you actually need, and you will be fine. You can always download more areas and use the auto download feature (see below) for navigation as well.

The auto download helps when you might come across an area with no reception during your ride.

The auto download downloads only the required maps along your route (so it's more or less the same data that you would use during the ride anyway). Already downloaded maps won't be downloaded again. If you come to a place with no reception, the map will still be shown. Everytime the route is recalculated or the navigation starts the download starts automatically in the background.

You can disable this feature in the navigation settings.

Once the maps reach a certain age (right now this is 30 days), the Offline Maps Manager will show a button to update the maps. If you want to update a map region before that time, you can delete the region and download it again.

The offline maps are stored internally in the app. Since the maps are stored inside the app, you cant find them as files on your smartphone.

Therefore, you can't just move the maps to the sd card. You would have to move the whole app to the SD card. We don't recommend doing that unless you are having serious storage limitations, as apps on the SD card can behave slower and are error prone.

Go to settings, storage, and click on the button delete offline maps. If you have downloaded a lot of maps it can take some time until the storage is actually freed on the file system. You can rerun the deletion process if the storage space is not freed within your expected time frame.

The old Kurviger App had a different offline maps mechanism, if you are still using the old app, you can find the documentation about this here.


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