What map gestures are available in the Kurviger app?

Kurviger provides you with a lot of different map movements: zoom, pan, tilt, and rotate while navigating. You can use these movements with different gestures. We will give you an overview about the most common gestures.

There are different zoom gestures available:

  • The most common zooming gesture is the two-finger pinch/stretch. Place two fingers on the screen and move them apart to zoom in, move them closer together to zoom out.
  • If you double tap with one finger the map zooms in at that position.
  • If you tap with two fingers, the map zooms out.
  • There is the one finger zoom. Just double tap the screen with one finger, but keep your finger on the screen after the second tap, by moving your finger up and down you can zoom in and out of the map.
  • If you enable the setting (in Settings), you can use also the device's volume keys to zoom in and out the map.

In addition there are also zoom-buttons available. They appear if you move or tap the map. The will fade out if you don't interact with the map to increase the visible area of the map.

You can move the map by placing your finger on the screen and moving your finger. The map will move accordingly.

You can rotate the map by placing two fingers and the map and turn them in a circular motion. If you change the distance of your fingers the map will zoom and rotate in one movement.

You can tilt the screen by placing two fingers on the screen. By moving your fingers up and down you can tilt the map accordingly.

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