Operating Guide to Kurviger App, Content and Intro

Thank you for your interest in the Kurviger app and the Operating Guide. The Kurviger app offers a lot of possibilities. Below you will find details and links to information (docs). Also, some explanations about the Operating Guide and the versions of the Kurviger app. This will help you to understand Kurviger and to operate the app.

:!: Thanks for visiting Kurviger. This page might contain information about an outdated version of the Kurviger App (V2) and Kurviger Pro (V1). The latest version is Kurviger (V3), which can be found here.

The operating guide is divided into several topics.

Details about installation, subscription, upgrade and updates can be found with the links at the bottom of the page.

Interesting things about the operating instructions and the Kurviger app see more below.

If you are not familiar with Kurviger yet, we recommend to read the general info about Kurviger first:

The documents above are a general introduction to the world of Kurviger route planning and the basic operation of the Kurviger app. For an explanation of the terms in the Kurviger world, see the following summary:

Probably some questions will come up while using the Kurviger App. To solve many of these questions and to help you familiarize yourself with the app, above and at the end of the page are the links to the comprehensive operating guide for the Kurviger app and to additional info.
In addition to the above documents, there are more documents in the Kurviger Knowledgebase.
For specific questions, please refer to the FAQs, see link at the end of the page.
Links to more info see at the end of the page or in sidebar.

And now enjoy reading the docu and using the Kurviger App.

Operating Guide:

The information in the operating guide refers to the versions specified in the topics. By and large, what is described should also help to simplify the operation of more recent versions. The information is without guarantee, as the latest changes to the app may not have been taken into account in the documentation.
In order to use the app and the advantages of their settings without any problems, you should take a little time to get familiar with them. To get to know the app and as a guide, this Operating guide is available for you.
To learn how to use the app without or with subscription (see below), it is recommended to read the operating guide topics without Kurviger Pro annotation, for app with subscription (Kurviger Pro subscription) additionally the topic marked with “Kurviger Pro” if necessary.
Links to these topics of the Operating guide and further information about the Kurviger App can be found in the respective texts or at the end of the page of the Operating guide topics.
The links to the respective topics are preferably grouped at the end of the page in order to avoid interrupting the description of individual facts and thus the flow of reading as much as possible. The additional info can then be reached in case of knowledge gaps under the given links.
For users of a Beta version: The new features of a beta version are generally not considered in the operating guide. If existing features have major changes, these may be partially noted in the operating guide. For info on the respective beta version and its features, see links at the end of the page.

It is recommended to read the topics given above, then most of the link jumps will be unnecessary. In addition, problems with the app can be avoided and save trouble and inquiries in the forum.
In order to be able to read the guide like a book, links to the previous and / or next topic are inserted at the beginning and at the end of the topics.

Note to the pictures in the Operating Guide: They are only rough examples. Depending on settings, view may differ significantly. Pictures and text in english contained in pictures are as of the date of capture. Pictures and text contained in them are without guarantee for the latest state of development and selected language of the app.

The operation with the basic elements is described. E.g. open the Setting dialog:

  • Menu button > Settings >

The above notation means: Touch the Menu button to open the main menu. Touch the Settings selection in the main menu to open the settings menu. There you can make further selections and finally change settings.
Experienced users can partly deviate from this due to the flexibility of the app.

For some elements, different actions can be triggered with a short or long touch. E.g. a short touch of a waypoint displays an info about the waypoint, a long touch of a waypoint opens a menu for the waypoint. The corresponding shorthand notations:

  • Waypoint (Short) >
  • Waypoint (Long) >

To get to know the app is recommended:

  • Internet connection should / must be available.
  • First read the “Getting started” guide (Link at the end of the page).
  • While reading this guide, practice with the app.

Kurviger App, without and with subscription (Kurviger Pro subscription):

The app Kurviger is a great tool to create routes, to load, save, display and share routes with friends. You can also explore areas with or without a route in follow mode.
The app can be adjusted very flexibly to the device and the needs of the user.
With Kurviger Pro subscription you have more possibilities:

The Kurviger App is only available for Android devices with Google Play. Details see here.


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