Overlay Manager

With the Overlay Manager in the Kurviger App and on Kurviger.de you can easily manage and work with overlays in Kurviger. The overlays remain on Kurviger, regardless of the route, they are synchronised with your Kurviger account so you can use them on different devices.

Kurviger's Overlay Manager offers the option of displaying various content as overlays:

To add an overlay, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the Kurviger icon at the top left of the screen to open the Kurviger main menu.
  2. Select the Import option.
  3. Then click on Select file and add the desired file.

On Kurviger.de it is almost the same as in the app. Note, however, that you can access the import menu on the website directly via the navigation bar.

Once you have selected a file, you can activate the Advanced options. To do this, click on the slider icon to the right of Advanced options. The advanced options in the Overlay Manager offer various functions to further specify and personalise the display and management of overlays.

Here are the available functions:

  • Expand route/overlay
  • Overlay types (automatic, track, route, waypoints)
  • Add imported route also as overlay
  • Limit the number of waypoints


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