How and why can I navigate with manual rerouting?

The Kurviger app (with Tourer+) allows you to automatically recalculate your route if you leave the route. This makes it very easy and comfortable to navigate. But automatic rerouting can be tricky, it can happen that waypoints get skipped or that the route does not follow your originally planned route anymore. Switching off automatic recalculation provides a feeling of freedom and more control about the navigation. That's why many experienced navigators tend to disable the automatic rerouting feature.

You can disable automatic rerouting by going to Settings, Rerouting.

During my rides, I sometimes decide to take a different road than planned, if a different road looks more interesting, to visit a POI (viewpoint, biker meeting point, etc.), or one of many other reasons.

If you leave the route, the Kurviger app will zoom out a bit and allow you to find your way back on the route on your own - if you however prefer to get a new route calculated manually, that's easy, just the blue button.

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