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Transferring a Route from Kurviger to a TomTom Rider Navigation Device

Please note: I used a German device and translated the settings, it might be that the menu points are named slightly different.

Kurviger can export route files as GPX and ITN. Newer TomTom devices can import GPX and ITN, older devices can only import ITN (and possibly GPX2ITN, see below). If you require the route to be identical to your planned route, you should choose the GPX Track. If you want to change some route options or waypoints, the ITN file is recommended. Mind you, your TomTom will recalculate the route if you choose ITN, therefore it might differ from your planned route, you can choose to generate additional waypoints to help your TomTom device to stay on the planned route. A good resource (only availalbe in German) for TomTom Rider specific tutorials can be found here and the tutorial on transferring routes to a TomTom Rider (with images).

Transferring routes from your Android Device via Bluetooth

Connecting a TomTom Rider 4XX

This section is for connecting older TomTom Rider. For example TomTom Rider 400, TomTom Rider 410, TomTom Rider 420, and TomTom Rider 450.

With the TomTom Rider 4XX you have to turn on the navi, go to Menu-My Routes. On the top of the screen you should see a note that your navi is now visible to other Bluetooth devices.

Get your smartphone and go to the Bluetooth settings, search for your TomTom Rider and connect it. On Android this should in Settings-Bluetooth.

Connecting a TomTom Rider 5XX without using the MyDrive-App

The newer versions of the TomTom Rider like the TomTom Rider 500 oder TomTom Rider 550 require a different method to connect them.

Start your navi, go to Menu-Bluetooth-Add Device-Add Telephone. You might need to scroll down. Once you see the hint about downloading the MyDrive-App, you can press on the question mark in the bottom-right. Press on the question mark and scroll down. You can select to connect your smartphone directly.

Get your smartphone and go to the Bluetooth settings, search for your TomTom Rider and connect it. On Android this should in Settings-Bluetooth.

Transferring routes and itineraries to a TomTom Rider using Bluetooth

If you have exported the route and connected your TomTom Rider, you can transfer it to your TomTom Rider. You will need a Filemanager app (for example this one). Select the file in the file manager, click on “Share”→“Bluetooth” and select your Rider. You have to accept the transfer on your Rider as well. Now you should be able to select the new route in your Rider in the “My Routes” screen.


Older TomTom devices (e.g. Rider-Urban or Rider 2013) allow you to transfer GPX files using the so-called GPX2ITN. Here your TomTom will convert a GPX track automatically to an ITN. Export the GPX track from Kurviger and connect your TomTom to your computer. Copy the downloaded GPX file to your TomTom device into the folder GPX2ITN. Disconnect the TomTom from your computer. Turn your device on. When the conversion has finished you can load your route. In the main menu, tap “Manage itinerary” and “Open”. More details can be found here.

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