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Use Kurviger in Your Own Project

We added a dedicated page about this on our website.

You are building a motorcycle application and would like to get easy access to good motorcycle routes? It is possible to access the Kurviger motorcycle routing API. The Kurviger API is integrated into the GraphHopper API using the same permissive terms and ease of integration. You can try our routing for free on our website or using our free app.

What is special about the Kurviger API:

  • Specialized motorcycle directions: favors curves and slopes, while avoiding cities and highways, instead of calculating the fastest route.
  • Get detailed turn-by-turn instructions to create a motorcycle navigation app.
  • Simple, generation of advanced round trips.
  • We use motorcycle specific restrictions, if a route does not allow motorcycles, we don't use it.
  • World-wide coverage with frequent updates from OSM.

If you are interested in using the Kurviger API, please don't hesitate to contact us. No matter if you are just starting or already have a grown application, we can provide a matching plan for you.

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