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Kurviger App

Enjoy the famous curvy routes of Kurviger in an app. There are two versions of the Kurviger App, a Free and a Pro version. Kurviger Free offers you all features that you love in a mobile friendly version. Kurviger Free provides you with a “Follow Location” mode, that keeps your current location in the center of the map. This allows a basic routing along the calculated route. If you are looking for a full featured navigation solution, have a look at our Pro version.

Enjoy curvy GPS navigation everywhere in the world with Kurviger Pro. Reach your destination with a smile. Kurviger Pro notifies you of every turn using voice guidance. The main features of Kurviger Pro are:

  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation
  • Longer round trips (1000km)
  • Alternative routes
  • Hillshading (see the outlines of hills and mountains)

Getting Started Guide
How to Plan a Route on Your Desktop and Transfer it to the App
Saving a Route that can be Loaded Later
Importing Passknacker Mountain Passes into the Kurviger App


The Kurviger App is available on Google Play.

Get it on Google Play Kurviger Pro

Get it on Google Play Kurviger Free

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