Kurviger App

Enjoy the famous curvy routes of Kurviger in an app.
The app contains nearly all features that you already love from the Kurviger standard website and additional subscription-features as e.g. advanced routing and navigation, see website.
This document is a starter document that links to a lot of information regarding the Kurviger app.


The Kurviger App is available on Google Play.

Previous apps (V2, V1)

Until December 2022 the app Kurviger (version 2.x) and until June 2021 the app Kurviger PRO (version 1.x) could be downloaded from the publicly accessible area in Google Play.

For more details about the previous apps, see here.


FAQ: Navigation

FAQ: Planning

FAQ: Map

FAQ: Google Play

FAQ: Misc

FAQ: Kurviger Tourer

Do you have further questions about the App? Then you can also visit our YouTube channel. There you will find some helpful videos from the “Kurviger Explained” series.

You can also contact us at any time in the Kurviger Forum. There we will help you with your enquiry as quickly as possible.

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