Why is the Kurviger App stopped / killed or why is the GPS signal lost in Background

In the last time we (and many other apps) have seen issues with battery optimization techniques that some device manufacturers add to their devices. These battery optimization techniques try to save battery by limiting the execution of apps that run in the background. This can include: disable GPS, disable mobile network, stop the app, kill the app, or limit the functionality in different ways.

If the Kurviger app (or any other app) does not work properly after you minimize, lock the screen, or the display turns off, then this is usually because your smartphone tries to save battery. Different manufacturers use different and often custom techniques that are different to the default Android battery management. Some manufacturers are known to exclude some popular apps from their optimization, so some apps might work and other might not, which can be confusing.

Below is a list of manufacturers that use battery optimization techniques and how to disable them, there is also a great online resource that can be found in Don’t kill my app! Hey Android vendors, don’t kill my app!. It should be noted, that often, battery optimizations are not a problem, especially if you don't want to use the app in the background. You only need to change it, if you encounter issues during navigation. If you know of any additional setting or other manufacturer that we should include, please let us know.

DontKillMyApp app

Huawei devices are known to use a very aggressive battery optimization. Different settings help different users, so we cannot guarantee that any of the settings below will help you, but they could.

You can try the following settings:

  • Settings, Battery, Battery-Start, select Kurviger, disable “Automatic management” and leave the other three Options enabled.
  • Settings, Apps, Apps, 3 dot menu and select “Special Access”. Select “Battery Optimization” in the dropdown and choose all apps. Select Kurviger and set, Android Assistant to “Don't allow”.
  • Start Kurviger, press on the square symbol in the Android bar on the bottom of the screen. Choose Kurviger and pull the app down, then you will see a lock symbol.

VLC disallows installing the VLC app through the Play Store for some Huawei devices because of their aggressive battery management.

Huawei P10, Feb 12, 2019: Without any further changes to any settings, Kurviger Pro now continues to run in the background on my Huawei P10 after the display is turned off. Something must have changed Huawei. EMUI 8.0; Android 8.0, Build VTR-L09

Honor View 20, April 28, 2020: If you use the tips from Don't kill my app!, the command is: “.\adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.huawei.powergenie”, tested with Windows PowerShell version 5.1.18362.752.

Power saving mode needs to be turned off (Standard and Extreme).

Go to Settings, Power, Battery Optimization, All apps, select the Kurviger App and choose Don't optimize.

Also see the HTC support website.

Go to Settings, Battery & power saving, Battery usage, Ignore Optimizations, select the Kurviger app from the list.

Go to Settings, Battery, Battery Optimization, All apps, select the Kurviger app from the list and select Don't optimize.

Samsung uses different menus in different Android versions, so the settings might be placed a bit differently on your device. Try the following:

  • Apps, Settings, Battery, tap on more or the three dots, Optimize Battery Usage, All apps, and switch off the optimization for Kurviger Pro
  • Settings, Device maintenance, Battery, Battery usage, Optimize battery usage, All apps, and switch off the optimization for Kurviger Pro.

There seems to be an issue with Android 7 and Android 8, that even if you disable battery optimization, GPS is lost at some point. This can lead to unexpected situation on the road. Right now we recommend to try GPS Locker and see if this fixes the issue for you.

Sony names it's battery optimization mode STAMINA mode. Please turn it off if you see issues with your Sony device.

For more details see the Sony support website.

Xiamoi's modified Android, called MIUI uses custom battery optimizations technology. The Android One devices don't and work as expected.

Go to Settings, Battery and performance, Manage apps battery usage → Off.

Support Tools

If you struggle with running the Kurviger app in the background, there are some app that might help you. We are not associated with any of these apps, so we cannot guarantee that they work.

We have seen GPS Status to help issues with GPS fixes and to keep the GPS activated, even in the background. This might even help if you see small GPS jumps.

If you see issues with your GPS being lost when you turn off the screen GPS Locker might help to fix this.

If you tried everything above and still see issues, then there is the option to use the Touch Protector app. This app allows you to keep the display enabled, so the Kurviger app won't be put in the background and battery optimizations won't be enforced. The app allows you to lock the screen and even to create a black overlay to save energy (especially true for smartphones with OLED screens).

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