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This page describes significant changes made to Kurviger. We constantly improve all our services, but we only add entries in the changelog if the change actually changes something significant for you.

The date format of the changes is given in YYYY-MM-DD. For app releases we add the app version.

Typically we use the following categories (if a change concerns only the app or website, this will be noted accordingly):

  • Routing (Route calculation, Routing Server)
  • Map, Location, POIs
  • Planning, Search
  • Import, Export (Route transfer)
  • Cloud (Routes, Places)
  • Settings
  • App (only app)
  • Navigation (features related to the navigation, follow mode, and others - only App)
  • Tourer (Subscription, advanced features e.g. for planning, import, export, cloud, …)

In addition to the standard categories, other identifying labels may be noted in the changes as needed.

2023-01-17 (3.0.3 beta)

  • Navigation (App): Improved voice instructions, speak instructions matching the shown distance and don't speak road references anymore.
  • Navigation (App): Show all curvy routes during the navigation.
  • Navigation (App): Make skipping parts of the route smoother.
  • Navigation (App): The turn arrow is now shown clearer on the map.
  • Navigation (App): Improved offroute behaviour.
  • Navigation (App): Fix initial route zoom when starting the navigation.
  • Navigation (App): Improved Beeline Navigation.
  • Planning (App): Improve import and export of routes.
  • 2023-01-16 Map: Kurviger Liberty, improved road visibility and map readability.

2022-12-31 (3.0.2 beta)

  • Planning: Route details are now shown during the planing, you can change which details are shown in the settings.
  • Planning: The GPS position is now shown on the map. When you place a destination on the map, without any route, a new route will be calculated from your current location.
  • Planning: Avoid zooming to the whole route after returning from the fullscreen top-widget.
  • Navigation (App): Settings for the map orientation, you can choose between, 2d, 3d, and north.
  • Navigation (App): Improved zoom behaviour, especially in landscape mode.
  • Navigation (App): Setting for the voice instructions, you can enable/disable them in the settings.

2022-12-21 (3.0.1 beta)

  • Settings: Settings area widgets added
    • Selection: Route, POIs, Navigation, Cookies
  • Navi-Simulation (App): Simulation now runs from start through WPs to finish, no longer gets stuck at 1st WP

2022-12-13 (3.0.0 beta)

  • Beta-Release Version 3.0.0 (App) for testing the app at an early stage of development. During the test phase, all features that later require a subscription (e.g. Tourer subscription) can be used free of charge in the test version of the app. Information on the current beta status can be found here. For the test version of the new app in an early stage of development, here is a summary of the most important features.
  • Map (App): View of different providers is possible as in website
  • Planning (App): Route calculation via the Kurviger routing server as in website
  • Planning (App): Sidebar as in website, adapted to app
    • Change WP order currently only possible with arrows tool, drag&drop only later
    • Topographic diagram not displayable. The route details selectable therein in Route not yet displayable.
  • Search (App): Sidebar as in website
  • Import (App): Sidebar as in website
  • Export (App): Sidebar as in website
  • Cloud (App): Sidebar as in website
  • Settings (App): Currently POI selection as placeholder
  • App: Sidebar collapse/expand currently adapted to app in portrait mode
    • Currently no landscape format e.g. for planning, search, import, export, cloud
  • Follow (App): Is currently not possible in the app
  • Navigation (App): For the time being only a placeholder for the navigation function, hardly suitable for landscape format for the time being
    • Only limited display option and announcement of turn-by-turn directions
    • Selection and setting option in the navi view is still missing
    • Auto zoom still needs to be adjusted (in portrait and landscape mode)
  • Navi-Simulation (App): Simulation runs for the time being only from start to the first waypoint
  • Tourer (App): During the testing of the beta version of the app, the Tourer features in the app can be used for free


  • Routing (Server): Update to GraphHopper version 5.3
  • Routing (Server): Barriers like gates, lift_gates, etc. are not blocking by default anymore

Previous entries (up to 2022-10-10)

If you're looking for entries up to 2022-10-10, please check here.

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