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This page describes the changes made to the Kurviger Pro app, the Kurviger Free app, and the Kurviger website. Usually all progress in the same speed.

1.1.1 (2017-06-23)

  • Navigation: better performance (Pro)
  • Mapzen map: several improvements
  • Mapstyle: Kurviger style is the default style

1.1.0 (2017-06-16)

  • Navigation: avoid unnecessary rerouting (Pro)
  • Navigation: enter route at any point (Pro)
  • Navigation: skip previous waypoints when rerouting and use rest of route (Pro)
  • Navigation: many enhancements (Pro)
  • Geocoding: use map center for location bias and sort results by distance
  • Geocoding: show last query and its results when open search dialog
  • Geocoding: include result type in results list
  • UI: update compass graphic
  • UI: add location direction arrow in navigation and follow modes (Pro)
  • UI: improved colored location marker

< 1.1.0

For versions below 1.1.0, we provide an overview of the changed features since we first published the Kurviger App.

  • Kurviger Pro received offline maps.
  • We added advanced routing options for all Kurviger apps and website: “avoid ferries”, “avoid motorways”, “avoid toll roads”, “avoid main roads”, “avoid small roads”, “avoid unpaved roads”.
  • Kurviger Pro and Free received the smooth movement option, that smoothes the movement on the map.
  • Kurviger Pro and Free received the address lookup.
  • Kurviger Pro and Free received improved map styling.
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