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Beta for the new Kurviger App

Please note, the BETA has been ended, and the app is already working pretty well. There are still quite some things on our todo list, so stay tuned for future updates.

We are excited to share an early access version of the Kurviger app with you, these versions are often referred to as Beta. This way, we can include your feedback early in the development process. Beta software describes an unfinished product that can still contain bugs and might behave unexpectedly at times. This also means you can influence the development of the product and shape it into your favourite product. So if something does not work as expected, please double check the list below that describes currently known issues. If you found something other than the mentioned issues, please let us know in our forum.

Known Limitations

We are working at full speed to improve these limitations.

Route Planning

  • Using on a tablet, the route planning is not yet optimised. While it is usable on a tablet, the UX is not yet ideal. If you would like to test the mobile view, you can use the split view on Android to reduce the size of the app, to force it into smartphone mode.
  • Route planning requires an internet connection. There are some offline fallbacks in place, but generally you will need an internet connection.
  • There is no elevation diagram yet.
  • There is no landscape for smartphones.
  • For long routes or large overlays, the map can feel a bit unresponsive / laggy.
  • Shaping points are currently shown like via points - this will be improved in the future.
  • Some of the Kurviger Tourer features don't work as expected in the navigation, including: show route information (closed roads, speed limit…) and navigate on a beeline.
  • Not all configuration options are available yet.
  • The map download works, but currently there is not overview what maps you downloaded and how to manage your downloads. The downloaded maps only work for the navigation, not the route planning.
  • The navigation simulation is currently just a tool to get a quick idea of how the navigation might appear.
  • There is no GPS tracking/recording yet.
  • Swiping the app from the task switcher does not end the navigation. You have to manually end it in the app, either via the “Exit” button in the notification or via the “x” button in the navigation screen.
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