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Kurviger App, Subscription, Upgrade

General information about Kurviger website and the Kurviger app as well as the subscriptions can be found on the website:
and on Google Play:

Installing the app

The Kurviger App actually is only available for Android devices with Google Play. Info about the required Android version see in Google Play. Accessible via the link above.

In your Android device, open the Google Play app. In Google Play, search for the Kurviger app.
Then install the Kurviger app with your account.

After installing the Kurviger app, you can use it.

Subscription for the app

Actually the app is in beta status. During beta phase there is no subscription for the app. In beta phase all features are usable without subscription for free.

Info to the app beta version is available via website. For app info please there scroll down from top to the app info, then to the feature overview and to the faq area at the bottom of the page. There you find a link to more detailed info. This more detailed info will be updated from time to time.

When changing from app beta version to app version without and with subscription the website will be updated.

Older Kurviger Apps

You installed an older Kurviger app until December 2022.
You still have questions about this.

Availability of the previous apps

My PRO app (1.x) is missing on my Android device. How can I install it?

How to get from the PRO app (version 1.x) to the PRO features (version 2.x)?

My Kurviger app (2.x) is missing on my Android device. How can I install it?

How to get from the PRO app (1.x) or the app (2.x) to the actual app Kurviger (3.x)?

You can find the answers here.


Terms and Definitions about Kurviger

Quick access to further information:
Getting Started
Route files, Route transfer (Import, Export)

More information about Kurviger can be found by clicking the links in the sidebar.

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