Kurviger iOS BETA

We are excited to share an early access version of the Kurviger iOS app with you, these versions are often referred to as BETA. This way, we can include your feedback early in the development process. Beta software describes an unfinished product that can still contain bugs and might behave unexpectedly at times. This also means you can influence the development of the product and shape it into your favourite product. So if something does not work as expected, please double check the list below that describes currently known issues. If you found something other than the mentioned issues, please let us know in our forum.

While the Kurviger iOS app is in BETA all premium features are available for free. Please note that after the BETA our regular pricing for Tourer and Tourer+ will be valid. On iOS BETAS are distributed through Testflight. Testflight is Apple's official BETA testing platform. When you are joining the Kurviger iOS BETA you will have to install the Testflight app first and then join the Kurviger BETA program.

Click here to join the iOS BETA.

We are working at full speed to improve these limitations and most of these limitations will be removed in the coming months.

  • The route planning view doesn't work if you have no or really bad internet connection.
  • The speed limit and current speed view are not yet available.
  • The option “all curvy routes” does not work in the navigation yet, you will only see the selected route during the navigation. To switch you would need to pause the navigation and switch in the route planning view.
  • The ride tracking works, during the navigation you don't see the recorded track, only in planning mode.
  • In general the navigation experience feels a bit rough around the edges.

Do you have further questions about Kurviger? Then you can also visit our YouTube channel. There you will find some helpful videos from the “Kurviger Explained” series.

You can also contact us at any time in the Kurviger Forum. There we will help you with your enquiry as quickly as possible.

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