iOS - Importing a Kurviger Route into the Scenic App

Currently, there is no Kurviger app on iOS, but the Scenic App integrates with Kurviger and allows you to (1) send routes to it directly from the Kurviger website and (2) create routes In App with the same Kurviger curvy routing. This article explains how to do the first option.

At first you need to plan a route like usual. If you don't have a route, feel free to use this example route. Now there are 2 ways to send it to Scenic: by clicking the 'share' button or by clicking the export button. Both options will do exactly the same.

Now, no matter which button you clicked, the following steps are the same:
1.Enter a name for the route
2.Click the 'Send route to Scenic' button

After tapping the 'Send route to Scenic' button the Scenic WebApp will open if you are on a desktop. (If you were browsing Kurviger on your iOS device the Scenic app itself will open)

Now you can use Scenic on your iOS device to finalize the import.

This video shows how to finalize the import in Scenic (it mentions Google Maps routes, but you can follow the same steps for a Kurviger route):

This next video shows you some tips and tricks on how to do minor adjustments to the route while importing it into Scenic. (Sometimes minor adjustments are necessary to make Scenic follow the exact route that Kurviger created for you.)

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