How to find distances and times for waypoints or points along the route?

We highly recommend to enable the turn instruction nodes for this feature (Settings→Routing→Turn instruction nodes). When you plan a route you will see yellow dots along the route. These are the points where you have to perform a turn. Click on the yellow dot and you will see a popup. This popup contains turn information for the current turn and summed up turn information of the complete route (in parenthesis).

In the screenshot below you will see the total distance (39.8 km) and the total time (43 min). This can be a helpful indicator when planning a route to time meetings or fuel stops. It is important to note that this follows the road book standard, the shown distance is the distance at the next turn.

If you don't want to enable turn instruction nodes, you can use the route menu (Routing→Route), but this is less comfortable. You can use a similar approach on the website as well. These values are also helpful when generating a roadbook on the website.

If you are looking for the overall distance / time of the route you can:

  • Tap on the route, a popup will show you the time and distance
  • You can go to the Menu, Routing, Route
  • You can long press on the route

Times and distances on the website can be shown, by clicking on a waypoint on the map. The pop-up will show you the relevant information for this waypoint, like distance and time.

If you are looking for distances on the website, you can also move the mouse over the elevation diagram in the bottom-right.

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