I can't hear any voice output / turn instructions

Please note, the voice output only works in voice guided navigation with the Kurviger Tourer+ subscription. There is no voice output in follow mode. See also our pricing page.

First make sure that you don't have any Bluetooth device connected to your phone. Kurviger supports Bluetooth output, let's proceed step by step to find out where exactly the issue is.

Make sure that you enabled the voice output in Settings | Navigation Settings | Speak voice instructions. Also make sure that your smartphone's volume is turned up. By default the Kurviger app speaks through the media channel, so make sure you turn up the media volume.

For this, we recommend to enable the setting Simulate Navigation. When you plan a route and start the navigation you should hear voice instructions when you are getting close to a turn.

If you still don't hear a voice output, please make sure that you have a TTS engine installed. Once TTS is installed, you should hear a voice output. If the language seems wrong, please make sure that you install the appropriate language packages in the TTS engine.

If you are using a Samsung device, you might be using the Samsung TTS by default. The Samsung TTS by default features less languages. You can install more languages, for example in the Galaxy Store. Alternatively, you can switch to use the Google TTS. In our experience the Google TTS is less troublesome, so we recommend using that if you are experiencing any issues. You can switch the TTS in the Android settings.

First of all, please double check the volume setting of your smartphone. If you are listening to music, make sure that you music player is setup correctly, some music players allow to change the behaviour when a different app speaks, not every music player will stop or reduce its volume.

In the Android settings, Text to speech Output, you can find a setting Amplify speech volume. We recommend to test this setting as well.

Android is very strict when it comes to apps that run in the background.The Kurviger app works in the background, but two things need to be set in order for the app to work perfectly.

  1. The location permission for the Kurviger app needs to be set to Allow all the time and the setting Use precise location needs to be active. You can find this setting in the Android settings, apps, Kurviger.
  2. You should disable battery optimisation for the Kurviger app. If the battery optimisation is active, Android will stop the Kurviger app after some time and the navigation will stop after some time. Please refer to this website for more information on how to do this for your specific device.

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