How can I setup my Bluetooth (BT) headset? How about A2DP or HFP?

The Kurviger app provides a wide variety of settings to optimise the output of turn instructions via a Bluetooth headset. We do have users with headsets from Sena, N-Com, and many different manufacturers.

In general the Kurviger Pro app is able to send turn instructions via Bluetooth. We cannot make any promises about supporting a certain device or manufacturer. As a rule of thumb, if you can either listen to music or hear phone calls from your Android device on your headset, it should be compatible with the Kurviger Pro app. If you are unsure whether your Bluetooth headset will work, you can ask in our forum.

Per default Android and the Kurviger App both use the Bluetooth profile A2DP. A2DP is used for high quality media streaming (like listening to music). You can switch to the HFP Bluetooth profile (some Bluetooth devices only support HFP). Go to Settings, Navigation, Voice guidance and select Phone call audio.

You can select the time Kurviger prepares the audio connection. The default value should work for most devices. You can increase it if you device takes longer to create the connection.

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