I can't access my Kurviger Tourer subscription

You can view the current status of your Kurviger Tourer subscription in the account management view. If you can't see a subscription here, there might be an issue. Below we have documented the typical issues.

The most common issue we see is that users sign up with multiple accounts. So you might sign up with two different email addresses or with multiple social logins. If you sign up with multiple email addresses, you have multiple accounts. When you sign up for the Kurviger subscription the subscription is activated for one of you accounts. If you sign in with a different account later on, this account won't have the subscription activated.

When you sign up for Kurviger Tourer you will receive an email from Paddle that contains additional information regarding your subscription including your order number and a link to access your subscription. Please check your email accounts to see which account received the email from Paddle, this is usually the account you signed up from.

In rare cases there can be an issue when verifying your subscription. Please try to sign in and out again.

Sometimes it can happen that there is an issue with your browser. We do have a page that lists typical browser issues and how to solve them.

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