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Saving a Route that can be Used Later

It is very easy to save a Kurviger route and load it again. For this you only need to export the waypoints. First of all, you need a route. If you don't have one, feel free to use this marvelous route featuring the best curves of the swabian jura.

Exporting using the Kurviger App

Go to the main menuRouteExport. If you want to reuse the route in the Kurviger App, the best practice is to only export Waypoints, you don't need any additional waypoints.

Exporting using Kurviger Web

Go to the Kurviger site. Press the Export button, select only waypoints, and press Export. Optionally, you can give the route a name. This would make sense if you want to use the route later.

Importing using the Kurviger App

To load the route again go to the main menuRouteImport and select the previously exported file.

Congratulations, you just loaded a previously planned route! Enjoy the ride.

Importing using Kurviger Web

To import the route to Kurviger Web, press the Import button, select the GPX file and press Import. You will see exactly the same route that you previously saved, using either the Kurviger App or Kurviger Web.

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