Transferring a Route from Kurviger to Sygic

Starting with version 22.0.4 of the Sygic Android or iOS app, you can use GPX files to transfer a route from Kurviger to Sygic. To use this feature Export, select GPX and check the boxes for Waypoint, Route, and Track. Sygic will calculate its own route between the waypoints, therefore we recommend to either place multiple shaping points on the map or use the additional waypoints option in the export dialog. You can open the GPX file on your smartphone, you can send it to your smartphone using different methods like email, Cloud storage, or download it from the browser using the Kurviger website or app.

For older versions of the Sygic app, you can still use the Sygic URL.Select the export format Sygic URL in the export dialog. Then you need to download the file and open it on your smartphone (note: you can generate a download link to the file in the export dialog and send the link to your smartphone). Then you only need to click on the Link the file. Sygic will open up with the planned route. Please note, Sygic only supports to transfer routes based on waypoints. So if you would like to get a close representation of your planned route you should add additional waypoints and compare the results with the route you planned with Kurviger.

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