Basics about Kurviger

This topic describes different basic topics about Kurviger from a theoretical perspective. If you are looking for a getting started guide for the app, have a look here.

:!: Thanks for visiting Kurviger. This page might contain information about an outdated version of the Kurviger App (V2) and Kurviger Pro (V1). The latest version is Kurviger (V3), which can be found here.

Kurviger is designed to work on different platforms. There is a website and two different Android apps. All platforms provide the same curvy routes and flexible export options. The Kurviger Pro app offers a lot of extra functionality.

You can use the website for free. We offer an Android app that comes in two different versions. There is the free version that is free and offers about the same functions than the website. There is also the paid pro version that offers a lot more than the free version or website. Find out more about the app here.

Kurviger offers different modes. These are:

Routing: is the process of calculating a route - available on the Website version and in both App versions (Free and Pro). Kurviger calculates a route using different route profiles (e.g., curvy or extra curvy), which you can change to your personal liking. The calculated route is shown as a line on the map.

Follow location: this mode move the map continuously to follow your position - works both in App versions (Free and Pro). Kurviger moves the map in a way, that your position and moving direction is shown. You can use this mode to follow a route, or to explore an area without a route, but to still see the upcoming curves and potential turn offs.

Navigation: this modes guides you along a preplanned route - works in the Pro version of the App. You will receive turn-by-turn instructions for the planned route, both visual and voice guidance. When leaving the route the route is automatically recalculated to continue smoothly along the route. In the navigation mode, you are able to receive additional information, like your current speed, altitude, estimated to arrival or to the next waypoint.

You can find more details about these modes and how to use them in the app here.

The website needs to an internet connection.

The app will need an internet connection to plan, change, or export a route. You can load pre planned routes in .kurviger format without internet connection. Loading overlays works without internet connectivity as well.

The pro version allows to load offline maps. This allows the pro version to not require an internet connection during navigation (please note that recalculating a route still requires a working internet connection). If you use online maps, these will still require an internet connection. Using the options hillshading also requires a working internet connection.

This means that navigating and follow location both work without internet connection with the pro version and offline maps. Also see this entry for more information.

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