Getting Involved

Kurviger is community of open-data, open-source, and motorcycle enthusiasts. If you want to get involved there are a couple of things you can do.

You like Kurviger and would like to support us? Nice, thanks :). We appreciate support of every kind. By simply recommending us to your friends you are already supporting Kurviger. Since we are offering our service free of charge, we rely on donations and advertisement to fund the service. We would be happy if you value Kurviger and think that Kurviger is worth a donation.

You can like/share us on Facebook. You can follow us on Instagram. Tweet about us on Twitter. Shout us a beer on Paypal

If you are hosting a website we would be happy if you leave a link to Kurviger. Here is some HTML code you can simply copy and paste:

<a href="" title="Kurviger - Your Motorcycle Route Planner">
  <img src="" alt="Kurviger - Your Motorcycle Route Planner"/>

We provide a generous amount of features to our users for free. Running and maintaining Kurviger requires a lot of time, effort, and money. You can help us to continually provide first class support, maintenance, and extension of the service by becoming a Kurviger Tourer.

You can get a Kurviger T-Shirt, hoodies, stickers and much more here. This will help to support Kurviger. We are looking into providing a wider variety of products soon. New designs will be added from time to time.

We are trying to provide high quality content for motorcyclists. If you know of a great place that might be relevant for Kurviger, please let us know.

If you would like to contribute to the documentation, please go ahead. This is a Wiki and is created by the community. If you feel like there is something missing, add it or tell us about it and we will add it.

If you are a developer you can get involved in the development of Kurviger. Kurviger is based on GraphHopper. If you miss any feature in Kurviger, you can develop it for GraphHopper, we will add this feature to Kurviger in succession. The Kurviger App uses Maplibre as a map rendering engine. So if you miss a feature regarding the map rendering, you can contribute this here. It will be included in the Kurviger App shortly after that.

We are using data from Open Street Map (OSM). If you find a routing problem with Kurviger, this is usually related to an issue with OSM. Help improving Kurviger and thousands of Apps and Websites by improving the data quality of OSM. OSM is Open Data that can be used by everyone.

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