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Is it possible to try / test the app before buying? Is it possible to get a refund for my purchase?

We want you to be happy with the Kurviger Pro app. You can try the app without any risk. All sales of the Kurviger Pro app are handled by Google Play, therefore the Kurviger Pro app is subject to the refund policy of Google Play.

If you live in the EEA (European Economic Area):

If you live outside the EEA:

Please read these guidelines carefully before purchasing the Kurviger Pro app.

Refunds within the first 2 hours after your purchase are handled very easily and with no questions asked through Google Play. After that you can usually request a refund through Google Play.

If you have any issues with the app, it is worthwhile to have a look at our FAQ or search in our forum. There are some device or manufacturer specific issues that are well known and usually there are solutions for these issues. If you can't find the answer, it is also worthwhile to ask in our forum.

We want you to be happy with your purchase. If the refund through Google Play does not work, you can contact us via email (android [at] kurviger [dot] de) to ask for a refund, please include the date of purchase and the Google Play order-number. Please note we only offer refunds for unhappy customers in the first 7 days. We believe this gives you enough time to test the app, go for a ride, and make sure that you like the app. Important, we cannot make refunds on other numbers such as PayPal or bank accounts, only via Google Play.

If you are suffering from an issue and therefore cannot use the app as advertised, you might be eligible for a refund. Please first ask in our forum for help, this is usually the fastest and easiest way to solve an issue. If the forum cannot help you, please contact us via email (android [at] kurviger [dot] de) with a description of the issue, the date of purchase, and the Google Play order-number.

Please be aware that the 7 day refund is a voluntary offer, there is no legal obligation and we reserve the right to decline refunds if refund requests appear abusive.

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