Kurviger help for the use of the documentation

Operating guide for the Kurviger documentation

You want information on how to use the Kurviger documentation (Knowledgebase).

As help for the use of the Kurviger website and / or app the extensive Kurviger documentation (Knowledgebase, Info-Wiki) is available to you. There are a wide variety of pages available in the documentation. See below for more details.

For reading the documentation, as well as therein contained search function, no registration is required.

If you need help for Kurviger in general, you can find more details here.
If you need help for the Kurviger Forum, you can find more details here.

Both on the Kurviger website and in the Kurviger app you have direct access to the Kurviger documentation via a menu:

Kurviger Website Kurviger App
1 Step 1: Open menu (clicking / tapping the menu icon)
2 Step 2: (only in App) Click / tapp on “More …” to expand this, possibly scroll to “More …” first
3 Step 3: Select desired action (e.g. Documentation, Forum)

For more details on Kurviger Documentation, see below.

Kurviger Documentation, find the necessary info

The Kurviger documentation is very extensive. It is available in English and in German. It can be used without registration.
To find the necessary info, the sidebar is available to select both the language and a topic block or directly a topic. This should be the usual way to get the required info.
If you want to search for a keyword, there is also a search function available.
Depending on the device and browser size, some functions for operation are not directly recognizable (e.g. language selection, table of contents), because first possibly associated bars are closed for space reasons and must first be opened.
See below for details.

Depending on the width of the browser, the appearance of the documentation changes.
In the sidebar you can select the language of the documentation and a topic block or a single topic.
If a topic block or topic is divided by headings, a table of contents of the page is displayed. In the table of contents you can jump to the corresponding heading within the page.

Depending on the width of the browser, the appearance of the Kurviger documentation changes. However, the content is always the same.

Wide browser (e.g. on PC, notebook, tablet landscape format)
A Sidebar
B Language selection
C Table of contents (displayed only if topic is broken down by headings, can be collapsed and expanded)
Narrow browser (e.g. on tablet portrait)
Sidebar and table of contents collapsed Sidebar or table of contents expanded
A Sidebar A1 expand / collapse the sidebar
B Language selection (expand sidebar to select language)
C Table of contents (displayed only if topic is broken down by headings) C1 expand / collapse the table of contents

In the (expanded) Sidebar one has first the possibility of the Language selection (English / German).

In addition, there are links to topics or topic blocks in the sidebar. In the sidebar, important topics of a topic block are also directly linked. So you have an access to these topics.
In a topic there is detailed information about this topic. There may also be links to further information.
In a topic block (e.g., Kurviger App, Kurviger Website, Route Transfer, FAQ), there is brief information about the topic block and links to the main-topics and sub-topics of the topic block.

A Sidebar
A1 Collapse / expand the sidebar
B Language selection (English / German)
A2 Link(s) to topics (examples)
A3 Link to topic block (examples)
A4 Access (link(s)) to important topics of the block (examples)
(Picture: expanded sidebar with narrow browser)

If the page of a topic or topic block is divided by headings, a table of contents with links to the headings of the page is displayed at the top of the page. It may be necessary to expand the table of contents.
Clicking (tapping) on a link in the (expanded) table of contents will jump directly to the corresponding heading in the page.

Table of contents
C Table of contents
C1 Collapse / expand the table of contents
C2 Link(s) to main heading(s) (examples)
C3 Link(s) to subheading(s) (examples)
(Picture: expanded table of contents with narrow browser)

There is a search function in the Kurviger documentation. At the top of the page there is a search field. In the search field you can enter a keyword or the search term.

Search field
S Search (How and what can be entered here depends on the search options, see below)

After entering and confirming the keyword, the search result and search options are displayed. By changing one or more search options and pressing the Search button, the search result is adjusted.

Search result and search options
O Search options (By clicking on the options, they can be customized. See O1 Search option selection.)
O1 Search option selection: e.g. Exact match / Starts with / Ends with / Contains
(If no result is displayed, change keyword and / or search options.)

There is a possibility to jump to the top of the page (e.g. because of sidebar, table of contents or search field).
There is a possibility to display the page, e.g. after searching for a keyword (or displaying the pagesource).
On the right edge of the page there is a toolbar. In it there are elements to do that.

S Show page / Show pagesource (Depending on the display, the function of the symbol changes)
T Back to the top of the page


On the topic blocks:
Kurviger App
Kurviger Website
Route Transfer (Import, Export)
Frequently asked questions

Info on news of the Kurviger website and / or app:

Info on the Kurviger website:

Quick access to the Kurviger video playlist:
Youtube, Kurviger video playlist

Helpful website to translate texts: https://www.deepl.com/translator

You can find more information about Kurviger linked in the sidebar.

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